Case Study

MediaWorks Radio has a network of 10 brands on 190 frequencies throughout New Zealand. The company uses Drive to manage revenue across the entire network from sales to invoice reconciliations. MediaWorks has 250 people using Drive and the server holds an incredible 400 million ads.

Georgia Ria
Mediaworks Gisborne

I can’t imagine how scheduling could be done without Drive. My favourite aspect being the intuitive data entry.

Georgia Ria is an administrator at the Gisborne office. “With Drive, all the information I need is in one place – clients, contracts, commitments, audio instructions, etc,” she says.

“I can’t imagine how scheduling could be done without Drive. But my favourite thing is the intuitive date entry. When entering ‘15’ in a date field and tabbing out of it, Drive will assume that it is the 15th of the current month and enter that date. It may seem like a small thing, but every little bit counts when you need to be efficient.”

Georgia likes being able to tag co-workers in internal notes on contracts and being able set defaults per user. “There is a report I run often for a specific client and not often for others. I have set that client to be the default parameter on the report. It’s very efficient.”

Simon Tuck
Mediaworks South Island

Without Drive we wouldn’t have means to coordinate efficiently what needed to play where.

Jon Strutton is MediaWorks national creative director. He says the programme gives him control over the creative process. “I love that Drive is web-based. And the team have a genuine interest in making the product better. They really focus on what their client’s need.”

Southern Creative Director Simon Tuck says, “Without Drive we wouldn’t have a means to coordinate efficiently what needed to play where.”

Simon says being web-based means Drive can be accessed out of the office, “Which is an important feature in a progressive modern work space. Being web-based also means updates or problem fixes can happen really fast. Other software is just ‘what it is’. Drive is agile in its ability to evolve and do things better.”