Drive has always been about solving problems. The story goes back to the 1980s. Matthew Reid had both an accounting degree and a computing degree. He was contracting to the radio industry and a client asked if he could write software to schedule ads. Since purchasing a PC, mainframe computer and software cost well over $100k in those days, it seemed worthwhile to have a go. Matthew created Airwaves. Before long, radio stations in New Zealand and around the world were using it.

But for large radio networks, Airwaves had a significant limitation, it didn’t scale and wasn’t built with the cloud in mind. So when New Zealand’s largest radio network, Mediaworks, approached Matthew to develop a new solution, it was an opportunity to start fresh. Drive was developed as an always available web application, inspired by 40 years of understanding the needs of people in all parts of both large and small radio networks. For Mediaworks, Drive integrates 190 frequencies, serves 250 users and hosts 400 million ads on its server. The development continues. And Drive’s web-based delivery means each improvement reaches customers instantly.